When your spirit guides and angels pick out your clothes ….

For my spiritually oriented and psychic friends that see ghost, talk to spirits, and talk to their guardian angels and other spirit guides have you ever had your guides pick you out books, gifts, crystals, clothing, or anything else ? 

I was shopping the other day and was kind of down. I’ve been living almost in solitary confinement for several years because of circumstances beyond my control actually most of my life I have had weird circumstances that forced me to be mostly alone.

Most days I cope with it and stay productive, some days it’s very hard and my energy is like molasses – like I have two lead feet! I have gotten so much closer to spirit as a result of all this solitude and sometimes have the coolest experiences that I have to share. 

I was at Ross trying on clothes because I have gained weight and needed new winter stuff. I tried on a bunch of stuff and after a couple hours of trying on stuff and feeling disappointed I was leaving the store with only a sweater and a scarf. As I was leaving all of a sudden this red dress appeared and it was screaming out to me like a neon sign. My guides told me, buy it it will fit you don’t try it on!!!!! 

and so I did……

I came home and tried it on and sure enough it fit!!!!! I have received many things like this !! I think that we all vibrate at a certain frequency and that things that are meant for us are on our same frequency-who knows how it exactly works but is this awesome or what ????

Thank you Angels I love it !😍🙏🏽🌹😘😇


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