Salt Across My Doorway

Love it I do this!


It’s uncanny that my last entry was titled, Mix-Tape Magic, because during the weekend, some anonymous housewhichery took place in my apartment building. I awoke Saturday afternoon to a defined line of salt sprinkled on the width of my front door.   It wasn’t a mistake.  There was no spilled salt trail down the hallways, nor was there a note from a neighbors saying, “Hey, so I dumped salt by accident in front of your door.”  This deliberate clear drawn line of salt was left for me—for my protection—my demise?!

“Salt is insanely magic. Especially sea salt. Nearly every single culture considers it protective.  Voodoo, Pagan, Hindu…Various ye olde lore has it that you can put a line of salt across your threshold to keep those would wish you ill out, put in a circle around you to do a spell ‘in private’ and sprinkle it in all corners of your house/a room.”…

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