“Luminous Beings are we, not this crude matter.” -Master Yoda
Discussions of belief systems have been coming up a lot lately. It has been something that has weighed heavily on my mind the last year. Ever since the fallout and conversion from Doreen Virtue. I wasn’t a huge follower of hers, but I liked seeing her daily cheerful post. I was blown away and baffled at her conversion! I was also a little annoyed, it made me temporarily feel like a seeker again, and it stressed me out! Thanks a lot Doreen lol j//k you do girl! But let me just say some BORN AGAIN Christians, CAN BE REALLY SCARY and FANATICAL!  Why do they spend so much time talking about demons instead of LOVE?!! I feel at peace again with what I believe and what I practice.
Unlike Doreen, I have a very vast belief system that allows me to believe and show respect for all religions while following my own. I don’t get too hung up on labels, doctrine, or dogma. I pay closest attention to the universal teachings and care more about making sure I implement the ones I feel matter the most; LOVE, FORGIVENESS, NON-JUDGEMENT, CHARITY, developing a CLOSE HEART (NOT HEAD) CENTERED RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, HONESTY, OVERCOMING THE EGO, showing COURAGE and COMPASSION. Avoiding the 7 DEADLY SINS! They make a ton of sense and also correspond to keeping your chakras unblocked and keeping your body free from toxic chemicals. Hatred, anger, jealousy, that all causes STRESS which produces tons of CORTISOL which lowers your immune system which can lead to DISEASE!  Walking a mile in another man’s shoes that is my favorite law I follow. I learn from everyone! I deeply love Jesus and everything he stood for! Didn’t he come to free us from religion?It was because of him I developed such a close bond to GOD and didn’t feel I needed to go to a pastor or minister or practice silly ceremonies.
The fact that there are thousands of religions doesn’t mean god is a made up concept to me, to me it means god shows himself/herself in thousands of ways!
I was exposed to too many belief systems to only choose one! I found GOD my own way, fasting, meditating, connecting to nature and seeking an innocent relationship directly. What I find hilarious is anyone that thinks their religion is the only one that is right! lol that is nonsensical, but I also understand why it can be too confusing and mentally stressful to believe in everything! My path wasn’t easy let me tell you, I was lost for a very long time. But GOD CAN ALWAYS LEAD YOU HOME
I’m still very drawn to Jesus, Shamanism, Animalism, Hinduism, Metaphysics, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Psychology, The Teachings of the Mystery Schools, The Gnostic’s and the Essene’s, parts of the Bible and Science!! These are the things that came my way on my journey! In my brain it all makes sense!  I listen to the GOD within me and outside me and respect everyone else’s journey. I don’t feel like I have to go preaching and converting people to my way of seeing the world but since I am so spiritual, people want to know what the heck I believe. I have it somewhere on my blog how I got this way.  I do feel the sorriest for atheist and people who only experience life from the left side of their brain. Open your third eye, fast, pray, meditate, talk to god privately and then see. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND. I believe GOD CAN LEAD YOU TO THE PATH RIGHT FOR YOU I feel bad for atheist and left brain only people because when life gets hard you feel alone and don’t have anyone to turn to, you don’t know how powerful prayer and miracles are and you close yourself off from the MAGIC, from mysterious synchronicities, and the out of box solutions that GOD CAN PROVIDE YOU. For me, well I have GOD and a legion of angels behind me, thousands of ancestors and spirit guides, Goddesses, Gaia……!! Sending lots of love to whoever reads this today and a prayer that you be prosperous, healthy, and happy!

The Kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:20-21)


4 thoughts on “LUMINOUS BEINGS ARE WE!

  1. I love this! I’ve been listening to Dr. Dyer in the mornings and how his work with the Tao. And how putting a label on things puts pressure on it to be something. And instead, it just is. I recall you mentioning this to me regarding careers, I believe you told me that I am not my job. And I feel like this speaks to that but towards religion. I grew up in the Catholic Church, and feeling like I HAD to go to church made me resist it. And once high school ended I steered away. But in the process I also felt I didn’t need to go to mass in order to pray or have a relationship with God. These days I find myself telling others “I’m spiritual.” To me this is general enough for me to include everything I believe. Besides that, I feel that those who care so much about the label tend to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. And the need to label it makes me feel they are just trying to place judgment.

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    1. Love you Burn ❤️🌈😇 Everyone is just on their own journey and limited by their understanding and previous experiences. I don’t think we mean or want to be so judgmental it just is hard to understand things if we haven’t been exposed to something or a point of view.


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