Lessons in Mastery; Choosing Love over Hate


The racial and political tension in this country has become overwhelming; and it’s everywhere you go, at least here in California and on social media for me! I swear to GOD, you can be ordering a pizza or listening to live music, and it seems to come up often in so many conversations.  The moment it comes up; I take a deep breath and slightly cringe, hoping to not even engage right now. The energy, when you try to have discussions, it’s so divisive, so mean, sometimes we just have to agree to disagree or not even go there. More than ever lately we are all being extremely tested, it’s forced many of us to choose a side; many are choosing to hate, some are choosing to shut down, others are becoming numb and are feeling too overwhelmed to even pay attention.   I have decided after mulling through much agitation and frustration, that I always need to be on the side of love.  I have had to distance myself from anyone wanting to ram their views down my throat, if you can’t respect my views and are going to be forceful with me, I can’t be close friends with anyone that is going to disrespect me and try to circumvent my free-will. But  I consistently come back to my core values and what feels right to me. It’s not been too easy to hold the balance between taking action and having courage, to chickening out and going back into a complacent state. There are plenty of people ready to attack you for speaking your truth. I hate when other spiritual people try telling me what to say and do, no one should try to force you to do anything.  I vent and process a lot through my blogging, but ultimately  I trust what GOD tells me to do, Jesus, and my higher self, my own conscience.  But hatred, wrath, and venom seem to be coming from everywhere.

I’ve spewed a bunch of anger and hate myself since Trump became President, it was disguised as authenticity and self-healing; and some of it was. I spent a lifetime being bullied and shut down, so it was very helpful, but lately upon closer inspection, I started to see this last week,  it was really me not knowing how to handle the enormous amounts of compassion and sadness I was feeling.  I feel very spiritually connected to everyone on the planet and have deep reservoirs of compassion, so my heart was overwhelmed by grief, powerlessness and  outraged at all that is  happening. I won’t even go into it, that isn’t the point of the post,  but it was hard to  understand how anyone could see and hear those images from those terrified babies in Texas and not feel immense grief and concern for them. It started to really piss me off and I was vacillating between seething anger and feeling paralyzed and numb.  Expressing yourself honestly is a good thing; I’m proud I had the courage to be honest and authentic about my opinions and what I was feeling, I used to be a powerless mute so this is a huge transformation and the result of major effort and transformation,  but I was losing perspective. I was  losing touch with my identity and what brings my life so much meaning.   It was taking away my happiness and it felt like I was giving my power away AND It WAS! I’ve worked too hard on my inner peace and happiness and authenticity to let all my magic and power be zapped by that!!! The world either pushes you around or you learn to hold your ground and exert your right as Co-Creator. I also think it’s illogical to be hateful when we choose to speak out about something; it may get you attention but not the right kind of attention.

DON’T LET ANYONE MANIPULATE OR CONTROL YOUR FREE WILL. Anyone trying to force you to see things their way and not respect your thoughts, opinions, feelings,  and experiences isn’t showing you any respect. You will know it’s happening because you will start feeling tense in your stomach area near your solar plexus. There is a lot of group think happening lately and I think it can be scary to take your own stand. I tend to be drawn to free-thinkers but I have had even some run in’s with them. That doesn’t mean I am going to stop speaking up about things that matter or stop taking action, or tune out to what is happening politically in this country. I personally believe that anyone that can’t see the connection to spiritual issues and the way you do everything else including voting has quite a bit to learn.  As a wisdom keeper, metaphysical christian mystic, and seer;  I see the world in a unique way; everything is about our spiritual journeys to me; nothing is mundane, everything is rich with meaning, synchronicity, signs, and for me even the way you dress, eat, think, drive, speak, treat others, treat yourself, decorate your home, and behave,  it’s all ripe with profound meaning. But I am not a saint! Let me make that clear;  I mess up all the time, through this blog and my practice I always hold myself accountable and say sorry immediately,  I am proud that I have the courage to consistently take the plank out of my own eye, and I have fallen in love with writing about those qualities that  I have learned to have. It took a lot of work, a  change of heart and consistent conscious choice making to get there. It takes work to step into mastery. It can take overcoming pride, shame, fear, envy, sloth, gluttony, and wrath. That may sound simple but it’s not at all,  most people would rather die than admit they are wrong or forgive.

You always have FREE WILL and the power to choose to be weak or to be strong. I am choosing not to give in to anyone that wants me to HATE.  I don’t care what political party you are with;  complacency, laziness, greed, wrath, I have seen it coming from everyone, none of those things do I align with.  It’s something I’ve taken a lifetime and tremendous effort to realize I value and trust me; I’ve been tested and tried like you wouldn’t believe! We are all playing a part in creating and responding to everything. If we are fighting for justice, equality, and truth we can’t do that effectively or think clearly if we are filled with hatred;i t’s an energy that destroys it doesn’t create, it doesn’t heal.  It’s counter productive. Love is limitless, oscillating, vibrational, energy.   Fighting hatred with hatred is the wrong way to go about this. It’s the easy way, the lazy way, but it’s also a dangerous way. I want change as badly as the next person, but I am going to go about it, in a way that matches my values.  I am here trying to  express spiritual and emotional mastery and maturity, those are my goals because it makes me happy and gives me peace. What work does hating someone ask of you?  Does it require emotional maturity and mental effort? Does it require patience and courage and strength? Does it require composure and self-awareness? Does it require listening to all sides and looking at things logically and considering reality and resources? Can you handle the stretching of your brain and have enough restraint and composure to listen?

Are we talking about the issues or are we just caught up in power struggles playing tit for tat like school children?It’s one thing to be assertive and passionate and another to be spewing hatred whining and throwing tantrums, lol trust me, I’ve thrown many of those in my life, it solves nothing! What possible good comes from being petty as hell? It’s one thing to use anger as healthy fuel to draw attention to something and put up a boundary, but it’s quite another to use it to divide, control, and get revenge! So many of us don’t know how to be assertive and handle anger as an emotion; I have been guilty of stuffing it my whole life, or expressing it inappropriately, I am finally getting more balanced. My religion is LOVE & COMPASSION, my beliefs, priorities, and practices are closely aligned with universal brotherhood, equality, respect, and truth.  I believe that everyone’s FREE WILL should be respected. No matter what racial make up you identify with (I identify as three races)  I feel the suffering and the injustice  it’s prompting me to want to have more courage, to have more love to face all bullies and speak up with faith and authority.  Yes, authority;  we all have authority over our own opinions and I think choosing hate is the weak man’s choice, the path of the lower self, it requires the least amount of effort, creates the most amount of suffering, and causes the least amount of happiness, it solves no problems.  It’s filled with tons of lower vibes. Being able to show and express love is an attribute of your higher self. To be able to show love for your self, the earth, and  your fellow-man, to think of others not just yourself that takes character, discipline, effort, and work. I beleive it’s what we are here learning and practicing and what it may take lifetimes to learn.

Hate may be the easy path, but it’s definitely not the path that brings deep peace, happiness, or even long-lasting health.I have always chosen love under extreme circumstances in my life; sadistic abuse, abandonment, being bullied and shunned, numerous deaths and losses, betrayals, and cruelty, why would this time be any different? I wish I could say I chose love and forgiveness for righteous higher minded reasons, but I would be lying.  I did it out of spite at first, it was a way to satisfy a wounded inner child. I did it for happiness and mental health reasons, to end karmic cycles and patterns, cut cords. I wanted peace and happiness and I have been trying millions of things to find it, and all those things only Jesus Teachings, energy work, shamanism, meditation, service helped me. The best revenge is to spend no time on revenge,  to fill yourself up with love and happiness, and not ever give your enemies any attention and energy.  I pray the hardest for my enemies and especially the people I hate or that trigger me, because it’s not good for me and I don’t want the negative energy.   That doesn’t mean that you should be breaking bread with people who repeatedly hurt you, just because you have changed doesn’t mean they have.  Definitely, don’t throw your pearls before swine! Whatever choice you make; make sure it’s a choice that makes you proud of who you are; make sure it’s something that helps you look at your own self in the mirror no matter what side you choose and like what you see. Hate may be the easy path, but it’s definitely not the path that brings deep peace, happiness, or even long-lasting health. It floods your body with cortisol and weakens your immune system, we all know by now that causes major health issues and it makes it hard for you to attract positive things you may want. You don’t have to learn this lesson in hindsight you can learn now.


Choosing love is hard because it requires emotional and spiritual maturity. It requires effort and choices that ask more of you, choices that ask you to develop mastery over your lower self. Choosing love means stepping into our higher self and mastering the lessons of our  lower chakras. Lower chakra spiritual  issues pertain to survival, self-esteem, security, happiness, material wealth, health, power and our relationships with others. All of those things can make it hard to love others if we are thinking of only our own needs. For anyone that doesn’t know,  we have a higher self and a lower self and they are both a constant choice. Integrating our God mind and God heart (our higher self) is a choice we all have and most of us choose the lazy way. I came to this wisdom because it was written into my life circumstances and the obstacles I kept encountering repeatedly. I was seeking peace and happiness, answers and relief for most of my life. It’s only been in the last four years I am stepping into mastery over my lower self. Stepping into it, I have no where near mastered these lessons all the time. But I have many times.  Applying this wisdom got me out of severe circumstances, that is why I began applying them in the first place,  like an experiment and it worked, it changed me. I am not afraid to show love or speak my truth anymore; I have enough humility, courage, compassion, faith, hope, knowledge, and experience to keep choosing it. I have overcome huge amounts of pride, shame, wrath, envy, gluttony, greed, and sloth and I plan to keep choosing this.  Who would have thought, a nervous breakdown and numerous suicide attempts and a lifetime of suffering would lead to so many gifts? Well, actually many people would; astrologers; mystics, shamans, and GOD probably would. Some even say we choose our lives before we get here because we want to learn to be more GOD Like more CHRIST Like, it’s a way of thinking that has helped me tremendously to reframe the way I saw myself and saw my challenges.

What is love? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8New International Version (NIV)Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  It’s taken me many years to realize that this is the best description of real love there is. Most of us just don’t know how to love this way.


It’s not rocket science but it’s not easy, you have to really want it. I don’t care what your natal chart says, or your tarot reading, or what constellation the moon is in; or what the medium said, here is a higher truth; you always have choice. All that stuff; that’s only a map of what you came here to do, you always have FREE WILL and the power to choose to be weak or to be strong. And I think there is something there to look at for sure !!!!! I think all of those metaphysical tools  can be amazing tools for healing, learning, and guidance, but don’t let it be your excuse to be lazy and weak. Because your chart or numerology or palm reading says, it’s not time.  I’ve been studying astrology again; I think your natal chart is the map of  your sacred contract and that applying Jesus teachings are the key to mastering the character defects you came to master. I even see chakra and health issues within your natal chart. I am getting guidance on reconciling where it fits with the chakras, archetypes, spiritual lessons, crystals, and health issues.  I think all of that is fascinating and helpful although I am not an astrologer.  I incorporate this deeply into the readings and healings and mentoring,  I do with others.

Either way, we can’t escape the work, or our lessons, and if you don’t want to choose to be strong now, you will attract many many other opportunities. The more you need to learn them, with more fury you will attract them.  You need to learn patience? You will draw more and more things to make you extremely impatient and you will suffer until you choose to develop this quality.  Need to learn about power, self-love, freedom, speaking up, supporting yourself, detachment ? I think you can see that the opposite experiences will be what you attract. I have learned the most from the mistakes I have made, losing important things and people. Let me just tell you that not everyone or everything is replaceable or fixable. Some mistakes can cost you for the rest of this life and everyone else’s life around you. You can avoid bringing more pain and suffering into your life.  I totally believe we are here learning to flex and develop spiritual muscles; like faith, courage, forgiveness, and unconditional love we are mastering our chakras for sure. And LOVE, can be the hardest choice to make, it asks the most of us. It will ask us to sacrifice the thing we want the most, our security, our health, our time, our resources.  Choosing to overcome your own “stuff” your ancestral “ stuff” consciously that is no joke, that is a path for warriors, but it’s always a  choice that is right if you want to be happy, healthy, and to have peace in your life. I guess the reason I am so excited to share this, is because I didn’t have to die and wait to get to heaven to figure this out. You can begin applying this wisdom right now. It’s the right choice to make if you want to get on a higher frequency and vibration and the keys to the NEW EARTH. It’s also the key to attracting more positive things in your life.

Mastering your lower self is mastering the lessons of your lower chakras; the chakras are the organs of your aura, and they have a profound impact on every aspect of your life; happiness, health, and relationships. Everyone has them but not everyone can see them; I do aura readings and receive information about where they are unbalanced and tell you the deeper spiritual issue you may be working through as well as anything else that comes up in a reading. Sometimes health issues, relationships issues, career issues are also tied to the lessons in these chakras, they can be behind why you keep attracting the same experiences.   When I began seeing shamans and spiritual healers and practicing Jesus teachings, working on fixing my soul and aura I underwent a radical change and transformation. I have changed so dramatically in the last 5 years, well really this has been going on for 14 years all of my good luck,  it is the result of many choices and tools,  but nothing fixes your life more than changing your heart and attitude. Even to see a healer or to ask for help if that is what you need can require overcoming pride and shame. I had major issues with that! And it was inevitably a choice I made when I wanted life to get better but one that did not come very easy. Pride and Shame kill people all the time. I am so glad I made a better choice.

For anyone interested in understanding metaphysical christianity please click here for a free E-Book Jesus guided me to years ago, the wisdom it contains is profound. I don’t like to promote that I channel or talk to Jesus, it’s taken me many years to get the courage to even admit I had so many gifts! Why? Because, I’ve had a weird and confusing spiritual journey and life, let me just say that! It’s taken quite a bit to help me overcome fear.  Bits and pieces of that story is in my blog one day it will be in a book.  In short summary;  I believe, learning to overcome the 7 deadly sins, adhering to the commandments, learning to develop the 7 virtues as well as his other teachings are part of the keys to keeping your and chakras clear & balanced.  Of course there is a lot more to this and I am slowly being taught and guided to share what I know and apply in my life. Loving others, forgiving others, developing a direct relationship with GOD, Keeping them clear and balanced is the key to peace of mind, happiness, and health. I have only channeled him a few times, but it is becoming more frequently lately. I highly recommend that if you want to dabble in channeling make sure to question who you are channeling and verify they are coming in the name of god, your best interest, Jesus and the light. Even if you believe in any other religion anyone denying Jesus or GOD is a bad sign and  I would not TRUST! I see many that say they are channeling Jesus and it just doesn’t feel like it at all! Jesus is all about the love and compassion, so if you don’t “feel” love question it. Question every healer and person guiding you if something “feels” off. Never believe that they know more than you know or what GOD would know is best for you and can teach you I don’t care how much older or wiser or more experienced they claim; bad vibes are bad vibes and you need to always heed that warning. GOD can give wisdom to everyone not just the few.

 Balancing the chakras is much more than wearing certain colors, eating certain foods, carrying certain crystals, saging yourself, getting energy healing it’s also about learning lessons and learning to master spiritual keys to the kingdom, however I feel all of those things can help you to learn these lessons and are amazing tools to support your growth and journey. The kingdom of god is within you and it’s starts with your heart. You have to want in your heart, mind, and body,  these changes. I had to be humbled profusely to accept and apply these teachings. So many people talk about these things, preach bible verses and other spiritual text but they don’t walk their talk and practice what they preach. It’s not about the amount of wisdom in your head,  it’s how you treat yourself and others, and how you apply these teachings. Real wisdom is what you DO! And what you do repeatedly. Your deeds are the fruits of your spirit.  I have resisted religion like a plague but more and more and in so many ways I continue to learn the vast and enormous wisdom that Jesus came to teach us and give to us. For me his teachings stand out very clearly from the rest of the bible. He came to free us from religion and he keeps it simple. His lessons however are not simple, they are steeped in profound  metaphysical meaning.  He didn’t want us to feel like we needed to become masters of esoteric knowledge, or feel like we had to become monks and live in a hut, and we don’t have to read 787 books to know GOD! But don’t trust me,  talk to GOD directly, and practice this for yourself. I have come to realize these are not  moral rules but rather more scientific laws that either make you feel sick and unhappy or energized and happy it’s your choice.


The study of the chakra systems is immense. I literally could write a book about each of them and what it has taken to get more balance in them and learn more of their lessons.  I have struggled mostly with my Earth Star, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Chakra, and Crown Chakra but these are the places that I have also have put in the most work and have made the most progress over the last 14 years. This blog has been a useful tool to  help me open my throat chakra and strengthen my  solar plexus, areas I struggled immensely but it’s also my form of service to humanity, the earth, and god. It serves many purposes.

One thing I would like to warn is about opening up the Third Eye and Stellar Gateway Chakra before you are emotionally mature enough to. THE STELLAR GATEWAY CHAKRA/SOUL STAR CHAKRA, this is a chakra that should be opened with care, I think it can be very confusing to open this chakra if you haven’t learned to master the lessons of at least the lower chakras. It can make your life confusing and chaotic, you can have a hard time with stability and money and having a stable life and sense of identity if you open this chakra before you have maturity too. This is what happened to me, I was exposed to Siddha Yoga for most of my life,  and I  had an experience that I really wasn’t ready for back in 2004.  I was chanting and meditating trying to seek relief from suffering and it opened a door that I could have never prepared for.  It changed my life intensely, and set me on a different path, it was too much cosmic information coming at me well before I  could understand what to do with, but it did help me immediately start talking to GOD, I guess it provided me with the proof I needed.  I immediately began accessing the Akashic Records and sold all my things and went off on a sabbatical and started seeing past lives, and studying deeply spiritual and metaphysical things. I was not ready trust me! I think that developing the 7 virtues are the key to mastering the lessons of all them and can apply to many of the chakras. Many of us are born with weaknesses or strengths in each of these areas, depending on what we are destined to do with our lives and learn. Below is a list of all the chakras, their function and some examples of how the 7 deadly sins can block them and how developing their opposite virtue helps open & balance them.

My FAVORITE chakra that is not emphasized enough is the EARTH STAR CHAKRA. Click on the CHAKRA NAMES TO HEAR their frequencies.


🌎EARTH STAR CHAKRA; Ruled by the Earth, it’s about 12-18 inches below your feet. Color: Brown Frequency : 68.05 Hz  Chakra of Earth Grounding and Universal Connections Also known as the “super root,” it aligns and connects the body and soul to the powerful energies within the magnetic core of planet earth. Unopened or weak makes you feel  DISCONNECTED to the Earth Grid to being GROUNDED and CONNECTED.  If you are disconnected here you may feel spaced out and have a hard time with feeling like you are deeply part of the earth, you might not care about the earth or feel connected to others.  It contributes to feelings of isolation and feeling alone and depression. Blocked by Shame (for example; feeling embarrassed to spend time in nature, caring what other people think-I know many people like this!) Pride; (Being stubborn about it ignoring advice or making time to spend time in nature) Sloth (Not making time or refusing to take time to prioritize nature) Blocked Third Eye (Can’t see signs or understand them)

CURES; Spend more time in nature, drink more water, eats more fruits and vegetables, practice grounding, sun gazing at sunset, tree hugging. Wear Earth Colors.  Wear Earthy Crystal Jewelry. Get good sleep. Grounding and Earthing has numerous benefits for your health it reduces inflammation and brings feeling of peace, happiness, and perspective. I just went to a lecture in Santa Cruz, CA where Deepak Chopra was promoting his latest book called The Healing Self and he revealed that the medical community is now starting to acknowledge the science and research behind earthing and how being disconnected contributes to inflammation. This chakra is key to bringing HEAVEN DOWN TO EARTH so if you are experimenting with opening up your higher chakras make sure you make this chakra a daily priority.

Physical Dysfunctions

• Vertigo

• Eating disorders

• Knee, feet or leg problems

• Pelvic or hip problems

• Circulatory problems

Mental and Emotional

• Insecure

• Disconnected from people and life

• Nervous disorders

• No piece of mind

❤️ROOT CHAKRA; Courage, Self Confidence and Vitality Color – Red Associated Musical Note – C True Chakra Frequency : 194.18 Hz Survival Issues Acting Out of FEAR to acting out of FAITH and Instincts. Not being able to make money or get a job, have stability, resources, feeling unsafe to being very capable of getting a job and able to seek financial resources and secure basic resources, food, shelter necessary for basic survival.  Being Grounded is very important.

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Lower back pain

• Sciatica

• Varicose veins

• Rectal problems

• Depression

• Immune disorders

Mental and Emotional

• Survival

• Lack of self esteem

• No social order

• Insecure

• Disassociation with family

🧡SACRAL CHAKRA: Happiness, Resourcefulness and Confidence,Sex Color – Orange Associated Musical Note – D True Chakra Frequency : 210.42 Hz From being EMOTIONALLY Numb to FEELING YOUR FEELINGS.  Expressing your creativity Healthy sexuality. Blocked by Lust, Shame, Pride, Gluttony, Greed

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Lower back pain

• Sciatica

• OBGYN issues

• Pelvic pain and problems

• Libido

• Urinary disorders

Mental and Emotional

• Blaming others

• Guilty feelings

• Money problems

• Sexual disorders and impotence

• Power and control issues

• Creativity and morality issues

💛SOLAR PLEXUS: Wisdom, clarity, focus and self esteem Color – Yellow, Associated Musical Note – E, True Chakra Frequency : 126.22 Hz From acting like a VICTIM to FEELING EMPOWERED from knowing how to HANDLE POWER MATURELY, NOT ABUSING IT Or wanting power over others. Being able to give and receive. Selfishness blocks Unselfishness unblocks.  Bullying. Having good boundaries, not power-hungry. Lack of boundaries or assertiveness. The Stomach is the second brain so having a blocked third eye and crown chakra make it difficult to discern. Standing in your power.

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Stomach ulcers

• Intestinal problems

• Diabetes

• Pancreatitis

• Indigestion problems and reflux

• Anorexia / Bulimia

• Hepatitis

• Cirrhosis, liver and kidney problems

• Adrenal imbalances

• Arthritis

• Colon diseases

Mental and Emotional

• Self esteem problems

• Fear of rejection

• Over sensitive emotionally

• Paranoia

• Indecisiveness

• General fears

Blocked by Envy, Greed, Wrath, Fear, Lies, Disconnected Earth Star Chakra and other chakras especially Throat and Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra which helps with self love and self esteem!

💚 HEART CHAKRA: Love, Balance and Self Control Color – Green Associated Musical Note – F  True Chakra Frequency : 136.10 Hz From being CLOSED BOGGED DOWN By PAST HURTS and traumatized and CLOSED to HEALED and OPEN. Being able to GIVE and RECEIVE LOVE being ABLE TO FORGIVE. Blocked by Envy, Pride, Shame, other blocked chakras, Trauma, and a lack of Self Love, Attributes of an OPEN and Balanced Heart Chakra;  Empathy, Compassion, Gratitude, Charity, Thinks of others

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Heart problems and arrhythmia’s

• Asthma

• Breast and lung cancers

• Upper back, spine and shoulder problems

• Fibromyalgia

Mental and Emotional

• Problems with love and relationships

• Lack of compassion

• Hate and envy

• Jealousy

• Lack of inspiration and confidence

• Despair and hopelessness

• Anger

• Lack of generosity

💙 THROAT CHAKRA: Associated with Communication, Balance and Health Color – Blue Associated Musical Note – G   True Chakra Frequency : 141.27 Hz From being SILENT and MUTE to being ABLE TO EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH. Letting others speak talking over others, refusing to listen to others. Being constantly ignored or constantly ignoring and stonewalling others. Blocked by telling LIES OPENED by BEING HONEST. Blocked by SHAME, FEAR, Trauma, Pride, Under or overuse use, blocked sacral chakra. Unbalanced solar plexus chakra, blocked heart chakra

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Throat and mouth problems

• Scoliosis

• Thyroid problems

• Swollen glands

• Laryngitis

• Gum and tooth problems

Mental and Emotional

• Addictions

Critical opinions (opinionated)

• Lack of faith and expression

• Lack of authority

• Communication problems

💜🔮 THIRD EYE: Associated with consciousness, Astral Projection, Intuition and Mysticis.  Color – Indigo. Associated Musical Note – A True Chakra Frequency : 221.23 Hz From ignoring intuition instinct and signs to mastering them fully and heeding their messages. Blocked by Sloth ( being too lazy to sun gaze or ground, poor diet, off sleep cycle, blocked Earth Star Chakra, blocked Root Chakra, Environmental EMF Disturbance, Microwave, Tv, WiFi, Cell Phone Towers,  being ungrounded.

Cures:Grounding & Sungazing helps. Drinking more water, eating a more alkaline diet. Removing chemicals and heavy metals, unplug electrical devices more, turn your cell phone off more, create an anti-static apartment

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Brain tumors

• Strokes

• Blindness and eye disorders

• Deafness and ear disorders

• Seizures

• Learning disabilities

• Panic attacks and depression

Mental and Emotional

• Fear of the truth

• Lack of discipline

• Bad judgement

• Lost emotional intelligence

• Confusion

• Losing concept of reality

👑 CROWN CHAKRA:  Color – Violet  Associated Musical Note – B True Chakra Frequency : 172.06 Hz From feeling like you have no DIVINE MEANING & PURPOSE and don’t really know who you are, to feeling deep meaning purpose and a sense of identity. This chakra is blocked by numerous things; blockages in all other chakras, selfishness being overly self centered. Chakra of pure consciousness or soul. Creativity and Inspiration. Blocked Crown Chakra (Blocked from hearing higher wisdom and advice, needing to see psychics, astrologers, mediums constantly) Sleep Issues, Confusion, Irritability

When Misaligned…

Physical Dysfunctions

• Depression

• Diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system and the skin

• Chronic exhaustion not associated with physical ailments

• Sensitivity to light, sound or environment (allergies)

• Divine lack of purpose

• Loss of meaning and identity

• Trust issues

• Lack of devotion and inspiration

• Loss of values and ethics

🍄💫🌌STELLAR GATEWAY CHAKRA/SOUL STAR CHAKRA:  Gamma Frequency/Akashic Frequency/Past Lives experienced in deep long states of meditation or through the use of hallucinogenic and other substances.  (Not everyone needs to take them to experience them) Color : Gold and White Frequency : 272.20 Hz.  This is being connected to a place of timelessness, higher dimensional realm and all that is. You see god in and the divinity of everyone and see the bigger picture. It requires a sincere desire to access and to be thinking of the good of all mankind. Regular meditation, prayer; will go from being disconnected from your higher self to being Connected and heeding messages clearly. And gaining deeper insight and wisdom. Over attachment to material things, FEAR and 3D concerns blocks this chakra.

When it is open you will honoring your own Soul and SPIRIT and go from having no connection to god and a higher power to being deeply connected to your own higher self and may be able to access the Akashic Records and access your own answers and information about your natal chart, past lives, purpose, etc.

This is an extra chakra that should be opened with care, I think it can be very confusing to open this chakra if you haven’t learned to master the lessons of at least the lower chakras. I think it can make your life confusing and chaotic, you can have a hard time with stability, money, and  a strong sense of identity. Basically it’s not great for being successful in the 3D if you don’t have the knowledge, discipline, and understanding to ground and meditate daily. This chakra requires a lot of maturity and integrity.  This is what happened to me, I was exposed to Siddha Yoga and had an experience that I really wasn’t ready for back in 2004.  I was chanting and meditating trying to seek relief from suffering and it opened a door that I could have never prepared for.  It changed my life intensely, and set me on a different path, but it was a little bit too much cosmic information coming at me well before I actually could understand what to do with. I immediately began accessing the Akashic Records and sold all my things and went off on a sabbatical and started seeing past lives, and studying deeply spiritual and metaphysical things. I was not ready trust me!

The Soul Star Chakra is located approximately 6 to 8 inches higher than the Crown Chakra. Despite being outside of the body, this chakra is often referred to as the “seat of the soul.” This is because it can connect the soul to enlightenment by sending it divine light and spiritual awareness. It is the doorway to heightening one’s relationship with the Universe.

Physical Dysfunctions

• Headaches and Migraines

Mental and Emotional

• Confusion

• Aloofness

• Feeling spaced out

• Mental fatigue

• Depression

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 6.58.38 PMABOUT ME

Hi! My name is Alexis Serrano-Camenzind.

Four years ago I went through an intense spiritual transformation and awakening for the second time in my life. It has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined.

I blog about my personal journey; alchemy, shadow-work, authenticity, the divine feminine shift, and being part of an online community of people committed to healing themselves and re birthing a NEW EARTH. I also am a shamanic energy healer and do intuitive/psychic/medium readings! I also started and manage a couple of women’s groups and hope to eventually be leading a local monthly drum circle. I am in the middle of finishing my memoir about how I recovered from a deep existential crisis in 2013 that led to numerous suicide attempts and a deep transformation. I am also completely revamping my site,  but please message me if you want a reading or connect,  or find me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.

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