The Work


 Life University; We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We incarnate and are born again into many many many lives to learn the vast spectrum of lessons and universal basic patterns that permeate the collective unconscious. Those universal archetypes that dominate the  range of human experience since the beginning of time. We are all  made in gods/goddess image and we are all gods/goddesses  in the making but it takes us many lives and experiences to mature.  You can say we start off as  babies that need to come to Life University. Every lifetime is a separate class. A life is only passing through a physical object and inhabiting it to gain ” consciousness”. It takes many lives and  many different experiences before we learn to master our energy, grow in consciousness and come into full spiritual maturity and education. Life  can be defined as a set of conditions and experiences, once experienced you transition and move on to the next phase.

Every lifetime we are born;we  play different roles, face certain challenges and try our best to overcome them. Lessons continue to repeat until we make new choices. You ever see someone continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again? It will keep happening until they learn the lesson; change their minds, beliefs, and make new choices. When we do pass a test or learn a lesson, our soul mind, our real identity expands and grows. That is what is meant by the saying,”When you know better you do better. It’s impossible to act a certain way or understand another persons perspective if your consciousness has not been expanded to understand it. This cycle continues  until we are expanded enough to understand all the colors of the rainbow.  We must also must learn it’s polarity. There is a feminine and masculine side to everything.  Healing the victim class or lesson is teaching your soul to learn about power. If you come to learn about having power you will experience powerlessness. Contrast is the only way to understand something. I have noticed that all soul lessons are learned counter intuitively.

My blog, the book to come is about my journey, experiences, and lessons about powerlessness. The roles I played, the characters I encountered and my journey into power, wholeness, and the challenges I still face. Before I transcended I essentially  lived a life filled with intense obstacles; painful and repeated extreme abuse, abandonment and misery. I kept it hidden for many years until I finally had the break I needed to breakthrough. Trigger Warning: some, in fact most of my stories about my life on my blog are extreme and can be mildly disturbing and triggering. They were difficult to live through let alone share.  I share to pay it forward; the long arduous path, process, and the tools I used that eventually helped me cope, deeply heal,and  find peace. I hope it helps you, inspires you, and gives you hope.

Working with Me; I can help shift you out of your “story” loosen the patterns that are keeping you stuck and help you reconnect to your higher self.  Breaking deep patterns are almost impossible until you do.  Go inward. Listen to the small voice within,that voice is your truth and your built in compass. The truth is not in thinking it’s in listening. What I have come to  learn is that  we always have options and choices. We don’t have to be defined just by our past if we can shift our perspective and gain an expanded understanding.  You don’t need anyone’s permission to take  back your power.  Just do it and own it. Remake and reinvent yourself. You hold the power if you can find the courage and set an intention to heal and shift.

Spiritual Awakening

9 thoughts on “The Work

  1. I c spiritual lessons are counterintuitive then if one comes to experience love will they experience encounter lot’s of unloving situations?

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    1. I think so I need to ask more about your question. I think you are a master teacher and healer and you have deeply forgotten because of the veil here. I think your higher self is trying to alert you. I think you are encountering hardships to awaken you and get you to make changes you need to make and transcend your ego. The more time you spend in silence and trying to connect to your God self and your own innate power the more mastery you will start slowing over your ability to manifest what you want instead of manifesting what others may want. We get pushed around majorly down here until we learn how to master our own energy and auric field and learn shielding and grounding. It’s taken intense suffering and hardship before I woke up and was willing to meditate daily. I’ve been meditating and on my healing path permanently now.


  2. I think I am beginning to see a pattern here. A lot of times when I deny myself something or do something that goes against self love or is not in alignment with who I really am then that’s when others are unloving or untrue to me.

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  3. Im lost and empty even though I’m blessed….IIam a single mom of 3 kids and have been pretty successful but still struggle financially and my relationships of any sort never work out…I don’t even know what my question is….

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