IMG_3238ARE YOU LOOKING TO FIND YOUR LOST PET OR CAT? I have been able to successfully find my own cat and the love of my life Lilly Pants, who was missing for 6 weeks in a very busy Los Angeles City with no collar no tags and without the help of using cages or traps. I also found my neighbors cat, Sushi who was missing for only 3 days and I  found  her within 30 minutes.  My natural psychic gifts are clairaudience (I hear things), clairsentientience (I  get lots of hunches and gut feelings), claircognizance (I  get information popping into your head and have the ability to ” just know” ) I am also an empath and I channel and have mediumship abilities. While I know my gifts are incredible strong I am still gaining more experience I do this for a very low cost and donation bases and / or am fine with payment being received only after your cat is found. I paid psychics when my own cat was missing and found the prices ridiculous and astronomical even though they both were very gifted psychics. If you are looking to find your pet please call me we will set up a time and if possible and in person meeting. I will also require a very recent photograph and article or toy that belongs to them. Losing a lost pet or cat is extremely emotional and stressful and I can help give you some other tips which can help you be reunited with your beloved pet.

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