What is Ascension ?

Ascension is a spiritual awakening and a period of personal transformation. Many mystic, prophets, shamans and clairvoyants predicted a time of great planetary change a time when our solar system moves into an area of space and nearer to the photon belt.  As we move closer to this photon belt we are impacted by a lot more solar activity which will upgrade and transform the planet or Gaia. As the planet evolves and transforms everything in it will be growing with her.  It is the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness. There is an individual process we are all undergoing and then there is a planetary ascension process. There are people that have begun their healing and awakening process years ago and there are those among you that are just beginning to wonder what is happening to them. My awakening began in 2003 I experienced the second dark night of the soul it was painful and dramatic. My third and fourth night of the soul happened during 2012-Feb 2015, it was so extremely brutal I barely survived it I now know the more negative my thinking was the harder my process was and have learned many short cuts in fact I feel like I could write the manual on how to make it all worse!  The dark night of the soul, is a time of huge change and it’s the loss of your egoic consciousness and a move towards spiritual consciousness.  Many people including myself get very afraid and feel suicidal, because you could go through tons of loss and change. The more you can surrender to the process the better you will be. Meditation, prayer, grounding, connecting to the earth, exercise, detox baths (Seasalt/Baking Soda/and lavender) walk barefoot on the ground it’s called Earthing. All these things you have to start doing they will help. The faster you start talking to God and asking your angels to help you the smoother this will go for you. Your thoughts are things do watch what you think say and do. Everything you do to another person wil come back to you. Everything you think in private will be reflected back to you. This is karma and manifestation. You must go inward heal and Ground yourself.

The Individual Process is a little different for everyone depending on your karma and things you need to heal and the amount of willingness you have to change. But essentially it is the journey out of your mind and into to your heart, soul and into your spirit; it is realigning your life with your heart and soul and finding your mission on earth. And not just what you do to make money. We lived like individuals in our own little worlds before and this is the shift to unity consciousness. It is the beginning of your learning that we are all one. It’s a profound shift in awareness and shift in perception. It’s a time of deep healing, inner learning, letting go, and aligning with your higher spiritual self, the earth, and other realities. You are a caterpillar going into your cocoon and you will reemerge a butterfly. Once you come to the other side you get to recreate your new life and get the chance to create a life you really want to be living! It’s exciting!! You will go through periods of sadness, loss, fear, and confusion. Its best to just feel it observe it and just let it pass. The more you can stay in the light the better! I needed two years of a lot of alone time it was too disorienting to discuss for a long time but the chaos and confusion passes. I had to see healers and work on my chakras many times when I got stuck and couldn’t find my way. Your chakras, your Aura, Crystalline body, Kundalini Energy or Reiki Energy are going to be terms you are going to want to learn more about later on. I will have a page dedicated to links and pictures about the chakras how to balance them and heal them.

At the beginning of your process this will make sense but then you will have to deal with your stuff and none of this will make sense. You will feel like nothing makes sense and it will be chaotic and like your whole life is crumbling apart it will be sad at first I was relieved but one day you will be much happier. In the end you will clearly see and understand. You will know when you have shifted. It can be slower or faster depending on how much you need to heal and what experiences you draw to yourself to learn and your willingness to embrace change. Pain was the great motivator and catalyst for growth for me I had a huge desire to end my suffering, I was in constant agonizing pain for three years straight almost.

Stay present as much as possible run your energy and clean your auric field, and ground yourself; Close your eyes and see yourself sitting in a bubble and imagine white light coming through the top of your head down through your neck and into both arms and flowing in throughout your entire body. It is very important that you don’t focus on doing this perfectly and that you take your time to see it slowly moving down all of your body. Now imagine a tree trunk and roots growing from your groin to the center of the planet. If there is something bothering your mind imagine that person or thing inside of a yellow rose. Take that yellow rose in your imagination and imagine it absorbing all the negativity out of your chakras and entire body now when it is full take it outside of your aura and blow it up see it go down that tree trunk roots. Repeat putting light throughout all of your body. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you do this. Buy some Black Tourmaline, Rose quartz and Sage.  Working with Flower Essences is also very helpful there is  more information on another post.


If you get stuck at any point, it means you need to try something new or make a change. Think a new thought. Are you stuck in anger, blame, or feeling like a victim? Shift in any way you can. Even if you are crawling on the floor. Pray, go for a walk, text someone. Schedule an appointment. GET A HEALING I will have a lot more information on healing or GET A COUNSELING SESSION.

Every time I got stuck I needed a healing, guidance, and/or counseling. I needed lots and lots of guidance and help and prayer I was in a lot of pain for most of my awakening.



*I will be adding a lot more to my page, site, and sharing more about the  type of healing services I will be offering. I will be doing a special type of soul counseling that will help you make changes and hopefully become aware of more of your choices that will hopefully align you with your highest spiritual path. *

2 thoughts on “What is Ascension ?

  1. Yes pain, I am awakening and the physical and emotion pain is like nothing I have experienced… it’s.not the most pain, but it is all encompassing on every level… really hard.to.explain… almost everywhere, but mainly.my back, neck, soul, emoticons all over… I have managed to.observe this, but not for long… wow this is really helpful. I like your style and approach/energy in your words. Thank you, many blessings from my Angels xxx (they’re not mine, I don’t own them… but they like to bless people from me and them) xx

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