Cord Cutting, Release, and Reset


Cord Cutting, Energy Release & Reset Session (90 minutes)

Cut Cords and Release what no longer serves you and hit reset! This session will be about letting go of deeply corded imprints, subconscious beliefs, old pain, memories, thoughts, beliefs, and all energies contributing to your situation blocking the evolution of your soul. We are going to be releasing this energy from numerous layers of your aura; the mental layer, subconscious, emotional layer, Etheric Blueprint, DNA, Cellular Memory , Morphic Resonance, and Quantum Layers, from all space and timelines, in all times realms and dimensions. This a powerful releasing session that may leave you feeling a tad tired. So plan for some self care after this! Highly recommend that you schedule a rootwork session before this so that we can really isolate and dig deep into all the things contributing to what’s blocking you from feeling powerful or achieving specific goals you are trying to achieve, but you don’t have to. Sometimes reading the aura alone gets to the heart of the situation!! I will message you write away to pick a date and time. This session will most likely be done using phone or web conferencing and will be recorded so that you can save this session.



RootWork Reading

One Hour Root Work Reading; this will help us isolate & identify all the energies and places where the cords have become twisted and stagnant. We will study the pattens behind what is blocking and keeping unhealthy patterns alive. Identifying these energies; helps us understand why you have felt powerless. It will also help you understand how this has served your highest purpose. Looking at the problem deeply in this way is necessary before we can go call back your power. Once you call back your power you will be able to more easily shift and implement changes on numerous levels ( Mind, Body, Soul, Physical) so that you can integrate these changes more deeply and see physical and tangible results! But at the heart of the work is rootwork.



PDF Summary of Your Session

This is a 4-7 page pdf with graphics and images and a summary of our session. It will also include detailed instructions and guidance and other pertinent information that applies to our session and the goals and intentions that we have isolated. I like to set goals and intentions and isolate specific issues you are wanting to work on and keep written and visual records. I keep files on every client I work with so that we can track your progress and pick up from where you left off in future sessions. Giving vague and ambiguous advice that you can’t integrate into your life, is not my style. My work gets results you can measure!