Gratitude & Praise

If you feel you have learned something from my blog, my groups, or other free content and material I share and feel like donating and tithing, I gladly accept all donations for my work. Thank you for believing in me, my work, and my journey! Your donation will go far as I do tons of free work,healings, readings and give away numerous tools, books, and other items to others in need constantly. You can donate any amount you feel in your heart and I will put it away and donate it to someone in need of a free healing or reading that may not be able to pay for this work. No amount is too small. If you believe in titing for law of attraction purposes this is a fabulous way to attract more abundance in your life. A tool I have used even when I had my last $100. The trick is to do it free from your heart with no strings attached. Never give out of guilt because that never works!!! Love given freely from the heart will always return I will also make sure to pray over it and send you blessings and prayer. Money is only a form of energy. Expect miracles with that kind of faith! Namaste Brother or Sister I am with you in spirit.