Intuitive Guidance & Aura Readings

Do you feel stuck or lost? Are you having weird things happen? Repeated issues? Do you want to make a major change in your life and don’t know how? Just want to get more clarity on a situation?

If you are ready to heal deeply and have the willingness to make changes I can help guide you to where you need to go. No matter what you are going through, no matter what horrific or painful past event has occurred it is possible to change and deeply heal. What  I have learned is that we are not our past, we are not our stories, we don’t have to remain a victim of our circumstances behaviors or thoughts, and it’s possible to deeply heal and change, we are not just our bodies we are spiritual beings.  You can heal a lot when you get out of your head, heal your soul, heal your aura, and get back in touch with your inner voice and wisdom. My readings and guidance is  unique because I like to show you the underlying spiritual lesson issue or healing that is occurring in your life so that you may understand how you can SHIFT but have a  deeper understanding of the spiritual reasons behind your circumstances.

Here is how I work ; Sessions are about 60 minutes and by phone or in person. It all depends on what I feel guided to do for that person. Some people need more time and some people don’t.  I work with Reiki & Crystals and other intuitive healing forms that I am guided to use. The sessions are deep and get to the heart of what’s going on with you and encompass me reading and sensing your aura for blocks,issues, or imbalances; a discussion of how this relates to your concern, showing and explaining to  you what patterns or behaviors relate to this and then I connect with my guides I work with and call on GOD, JESUS, and the ANGELS, and your HIGHER SELF & AURA. I always make sure I work in an energetically protected space.

I may do a distant Reiki grid or some other type of energy healing per the guidance I receive.  It’s different all the time! I find that working randomly and spontaneously makes for the best session. The less I know about you before the better once I see your face or hear your voice that helps me to connect to your energy signature in a very deep way. As an empath with strong clairsentience, I often can literally feel what is going on in your body and have some medical medium capabilities; I have had sessions where I sensed stomach issues, bad posture, intense stress, etc.

What you get:

I do unique work that is often different and spirit led depending on the person. You will get sent photos immediately of things that came up in your session. Sometimes I am using oracle cards,crystals, books, my main goals is to give you messages from your higher self and GOD and give you something that you can keep to remember from your session.


I charge a flat fee of $85 for working with me. Readings can be anywhere from 45 minutes -two hours I like to work randomly and intuitively, it keeps me heart centered and out of my head. I prefer working on person or by phone.

Please click on the PAYPAL button to book a reading and let me know your availability, telephone numbers and the time zone you are in. I am located in California PST

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