Intuitive Guidance & Aura Readings

Ever have a time in your life when you ” knew” you were going the wrong way and you wished you could go back and make another choice? There are always signs that mirror back to us whether we are going the right or wrong way. If you have lost touch with listening to your own inner knowing sometimes getting a reading can be very reassuring when the cards reveal the deep inner voice validating what you already know, or when they show you something you cannot see for yourself.

We all have free-will and the ability to navigate the uncharted waters of our life but with so many distractions and a loud mind filled with racing thoughts and fear of the past or the future it can be really hard to listen to your own voice let alone understand. Divine guidance is  available if you know where to look and know how to listen. Spirit speaks quietly and symbolically.

My readings and guidance is  unique because I like to show you the underlying spiritual lesson issue or healing that is occurring in your life so that you may understand how you can understand the deeper soulful reasons behind your circumstances and help guide you so you can shift and make the changes you want to make. We are a spirits having a human experience. We have many components to our selves a physical body, a mental body,an emotional body,and a soulful body. All aspects of ourselves work together to create our reality.

As an empath,medium, clairvoyant and intuitive; I work with your energy imprint and other spiritual guides and angels that may show up, that can help reveal more information about what you may need to know to help you navigate your own spiritual journey.

I charge $30 for a 1-2 card reading generally that is one question that is usually around 20-30 minutes of time.

I charge $45 for 3-7 card reading that can be a more complex situation and that is usually  45 minutes of time.

Please click on the Paypal button to book a reading and let me know your availability.

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