I Co-Admin a 36,000 member Spiritual Community called The Pleiadians on Facebook and we have been having weekly Admin Chats and Discuss a variety of different topics happening in the spiritual community.

This is a fabulous show you are going to want to listen to!This week we are talking about Channeling!

We are talking today about a very hot topic in the spiritual community and in the Pleiadian Group; CHANNELING. Many people don’t know they are channeling, hear how about our experiences and discoveries, and hear from our featured member of the week; Angela White who has written a channeled book, From Sick to Bliss Conversations with God, and she also Channels Archangel Metatron. We also discuss the popular website Channeling Erik, and other channeled messages about the Bloodmoon next month!

If you are are a starseed please join the Pleaidian Group on Facebook it’s a great community of 36,000 members and a wonderful place for mentorship, healing, and connecting

I also used to be overwhelmingly shy and insecure and have learned to use social media to overcome my fears and let go of shame! I have just started posting videos on You-Tube- Join Me!

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