“I think the use of energy medicine and the use of energy in healing will be the biggest frontier here in the Unites States in Medicine now and the next decade.”-Dr. Oz

Ready to get a powerful healing and upgrade your chakras and attain a rainbow body? Ask about receiving the Munay-Ki which  comes from the Quechua word that means “I love you” and is also taken to mean “Be as Thou Art”.  In this current context it refers to the nine rites of initiation to becoming a person of wisdom and power. Handed down from generation to generation, they exist within all Shamanic traditions, while deriving a form and style of expression unique to each culture. The Munay-Ki offered here are derived from the great initiations of the Hindus Valley brought by the Laika, a group of courageous medicine men and women, across the Baring Straights from Siberia to the Americas during the glacial period some 30,000 years ago. Ordinary men and women, who acquire uncommon grace and ability through prayer, study of the wisdom teachings and discipline, the Laika have kept the teachings safe until the moment came for their release to many more than their small group. They have faithfully accepted their guardianship for millennia, believing people would come to this initiation when they were ready and called to do so.

Munay-Ki is the key to taking a quantum leap in species evolution. It is a group of energetic transmissions that download directly into the Luminous Energy Field, which constitutes each individual at an energetic level, the codes for transformational evolution. These codes are downloaded into the chakra system, a group of seven major energy centers lodged within the body and attached to the spine. This spinal connection facilitates the information’s transmission to the neuro-physiology and brain of each recipient, offering them the potential to complete within one lifetime a process of evolution that would otherwise take many, many generations.

329355If you are interested in reading more about Energy Medicine  please check out this book by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. a classical trained medical anthropologist  who has worked closely with the Laika for twenty five years. He has written a book that I highly recommend, this book reconciles western medical thought with the energy medicine of the Inka Shamans who have been practicing energy medicine for over five thousand years.

The principles of daily living incumbent upon all who take this offered opportunity of Munay-Ki are:

  • Non-Violence
  • Truthfulness
  • Integrity
  • Moderation
  • Generosity

These principles lay the foundation for the coming of a New World of Harmony, Love and Peace to replace our current World of disharmony, fear and conflict, and are the underlying reason why Munay-Ki has become universally available NOW. We are coming to the end of an evolutionary era that has lasted 65 million years. Everything that constitutes the World in which we live is gearing up to switch to the new era, potentially during the period of rare planetary alignment that took  place December 2012, predicted millennia ago by the mathematical genius of the Mayan peoples. This imminent opportunity is why Munay-Ki, in this form and in many parallel forms across the cultures, is here now. It is one of the means whereby humanity recognizes its place as an integral part of the Universe and participates in that switch. It is why you have found yourself drawn to it and to take your place alongside other men and women similarly called to join the lineage of Earthkeepers stretching back and forward in time who will assist in facilitating this longed for transformation.

Why would you want to receive The Munay-ki Rites?

Our personal history indeed repeats itself. Imprints of physical trauma are stored in the outermost layer of the Luminous Energy Field. The Luminous Energy Field contains a template of how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we might die. When there is no imprint for disease in the Luminous Energy Field, recovery from an illness happens at tremendous speed. By the same token, imprints for diseases can depress the immune system, and it can take an extremely long time for us to regain our health during an illness. None of us wants to spend months convalescing when we could have recovered in a matter of days or weeks. When we erase the negative imprint that caused the onset of illness, the immune system can rapidly eradicate the disease.

Emotional imprints are stored in the second layer, soul imprints in the third, and spiritual imprints in the fourth and deepest layer. Imprints in the Luminous Energy Field predispose us to follow certain pathways in life. They orchestrate the incidents, experiences, and people we attract to ourselves. Imprints propel us to re-create painful dramas and heartbreaking encounters, yet ultimately guide us toward situations wherein we can heal our ancient soul wounds.

In the outermost layer of the Luminous Energy Field is the membrane or “skin” of the luminous body. This membrane serves as a defensive cocoon in the same way the skin is the protective membrane of the body. The imprints of physical trauma and disease are etched onto this membrane like designs cut into glass.

“I received these Munay-Ki Rites from the beautiful, Shamanka Natalie Alaya earlier this year in 2015  and was gifted with an additional  10th rite the Starkeeper’s rite. Receiving the rites brought huge joy to my life and I personally had a dramatic healing. I received them once a week over a period of 10 weeks and I had magical things happen. I am excited and thrilled to pass on these rites especially to people in lower income communities who might not ever have the ability to receive energy healing in particularly to  help heal the wounds of racism.  My deep  connection with Mother Earth has shown me this is very important to pass on these rites to as many people as I can as these are of the most utmost importance in these troubling times.  I will charge a small fee to give away these rites and work mostly on a donation bases. It is customary and appropriate to give an exchange of energy and time but I want to keep my fees as low and flexible as possible. I am not yet giving away the rites but I will be shortly.


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