SF Bay Starseeds, Indigos, and Light-Workers

Missing your soul family? ⭐️Looking for guidance and support on your Ascension Path ? Meet other Bay Area Starseeds and make some (in person) friends. We are all part of our galactic family online and in other dimensions and realms but wouldn’t it be nice to have friends to hang out with in person that talk and think the way you do ? Let’s hang out have coffee, get involved in creative projects and get going with our missions in a supportive tight community. About me: I am a Lyran Pleiadian Blue Ray Wayshower & Gatekeeper and a first wave Starseed; I have been on the Ascension path for 13 years now. Can’t wait to meet you ⭐️😇❤️

SF Bay Starseeds, Indigos, Light-Workers

Saturday, January 9, 2016

11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Let’s meet up and take a hike. Most Starseeds are highly sensitive empaths that love being alone and especially in nature; under the stars or in natural elements. So why not go on a hike ? Bring your own coffee ☕️

Join Us!