Shamanic Transformational Shifting


Life University; We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We incarnate and are born again into many many many lives to learn the vast spectrum of lessons and universal basic patterns that permeate the collective unconscious. Those universal archetypes that dominate the  range of human experience since the beginning of time. We are all  made in gods/goddess image and we are all gods/goddesses  in the making but it takes us many lives and experiences to mature.  You can say we start off as  babies that need to come to Life University. Every lifetime is a separate class. A life is only passing through a physical object and inhabiting it to gain ” consciousness”. It takes many lives and  many different experiences before we learn to master our energy, grow in consciousness and come into full spiritual maturity and education. Life  can be defined as a set of conditions and experiences, once experienced you transition and move on to the next phase.

Every lifetime we are born;we  play different roles, face certain challenges and try our best to overcome them. Lessons continue to repeat until we make new choices. You ever see someone continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again? It will keep happening until they learn the lesson; change their minds, beliefs, and make new choices. When we do pass a test or learn a lesson, our soul mind, our real identity expands and grows. That is what is meant by the saying,”When you know better you do better. It’s impossible to act a certain way or understand another persons perspective if your consciousness has not been expanded to understand it. This cycle continues  until we are expanded enough to understand all the colors of the rainbow.  We must also must learn it’s polarity. There is a feminine and masculine side to everything.  Healing the victim class or lesson is teaching your soul to learn about power. If you come to learn about having power you will experience powerlessness. Contrast is the only way to understand something. I have noticed that all soul lessons are learned counter intuitively.

Working with Me; I can help shift you out of your “story” loosen the patterns that are keeping you stuck and help you reconnect to your higher self.  Breaking deep patterns are almost impossible until you do.  The work is different for everyone based off their needs  and the work I am doing is unique.

I have a holistic multi-layered approach which is based off the work I did and do for myself. I am a healer that walks my talk. Everything I do I have done for myself. The work is different based upon what I read in your aura about blockages and energy healing that you receive. I have a holistic approach to healing that involves many different modalities. Healing the chakra isn’t enough, changing your thoughts isn’t enough, posting affirmations isn’t enough, having crystals  and meditating is also not enough. You need to change and heal the Energy, Beliefs, Patterns, Thoughts, and Behavior for deep lasting healing. Most healing addresses the symptoms not the root problems and I can help you also integrate other healings you may have done in the past and pick up where you left off.

Here is how I work ; We can skype or have a phone session and discuss your concerns. I will read you aura as this is happening and get intuitive guidance on what patterns or memories or events may be triggering or related to your issues. Then I go into ceremony and send you a distant energy healing using  Reiki & Crystals. I may be guided to send you Reiki or other Shamanic Attunements called the Munay-ki. After opening sacred space I go into a semi-trance like state and work with  many healers or guides and Archangel Raphael that also help me to send you healing.  The sessions are deep and get to the heart of what’s going on with you and encompass me reading and sensing your aura for blocks,issues, or imbalances; a discussion of how this relates to your concern, showing and explaining to  you what patterns or behaviors relate to this and then I connect with my guides and do a distant reiki grid or some other type of energy healing per the guidance I receive.

I may also be guided to teach you  about EFT, Cognitive Restructuring, Binaural Beats, Crystals, Nutrition, and other types of healing.   EFT is a fabulous tool to help heal the emotional pain-body and take away the ” charge” from painful memories that are contributing to your issues. Over the years I have learned about many different types of healing and understand why some or maybe all are needed. It was what I needed to heal and I had tons to heal.

What you get: After the session I email you get a detailed 3-8 page PDF file at the end with a list of follow up care and daily, weekly, and monthly exercises and homework.   This will really help you later on reflect back on all the progress you have made and help you to continue on your healing path.  But this is not a quick-fix. You have to be ready to do this work. Depending on what life transformation and lifetime pattern you are healing you may need several sessions but they don’t always have to be this long.

Cost: I am just beginning my work as a shamanic guided healer, I am flexible about prices and am letting myself work on a case by case basis depending on how much time and work you need. I have a suggested price of $55 for an hour or so.  I  feel it’s important to ask for an equal energy exchange. I have noticed people don’t value the work and guidance and healing you are giving them when they don’t participate. Paying is actively participating in your healing and makes me feel equally  respected for my time, experience and knowledge its taken me years to acquire.

Please fill out this form to book a session and I will get back to you usually less than 24 hours. Please send me as much information as possible about the circumstances or changes you are wanting to make or get help with and let me know 3 dates and times you are available. I am located in California PST so keep that in mind.


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Just a little about me; a few years ago I went through an intense spiritual transformation and awakening for the second time in my life. It has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined ! I fell apart had a breakdown and a breakthrough and admitted to myself and the world that I really wasn’t being myself and that I needed to heal and be real! I came out as an empath,clairvoyant, intuitive and shamanic healer. I started sharing my story and connecting to other like minded souls and women that were also healing and re-inventing their lives. In my time of darkness I found my way out by counseling others on their spiritual journey helping them through their dark times and I found that service gave me great joy and was a way out of my pain. That journey continues to evolve.


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