Starseed Mentorship

Just waking up wondering what is going on with you? Going through a radical spiritual transformation? Want to  improve your psychic gifts and Confidence ? Want help understanding what gifts you already have ?

There are many starseeds and other people on the healing path wanting to change their lives, improve their psychic abilities, grow in their gifts, and figure out their next steps.  It takes time to grow in your understanding of what being a starseed is, understanding all of your natural gifts and the name of everything. Many of you have wisdom  you are born with and many natural gifts or remember some of your past lives and don’t know what to do with all that information.  For example; What does it mean to be psychic? What is channeling? What is a shaman? Some people get the sense that they may be healers but they have no idea where to go or how to navigate this and are confused with how to walk down that path and get paid for it.

I am part of the first wave starseeds I have been on this path for 13 years and can share many of the mistakes I made, so you don’t have to make them. I am working on a book writing out out my story but I often joke that I should write the book on reverse law of attraction and what not to do !  I have been spending countless time and hours for free helping people, people drawn to me and that have no idea why they feel compelled to tell me their entire  life story, but it happens daily. I am watching people blossom like beautiful rosebuds and it’s very exciting, but it’s time to take it to the next level and it occurred to me to start doing more formal training in person or in groups or via skype.

I am a first wave starseed my starseed marking are;Lyran, Arcturian,Sirian, Andromedan, Pleiadian, and Regulus. I came in as an indigo but transitioned to a rainbow starseed.

I have gone through two major initiations in my ascension process.  I have  a lot of wisdom on what I learned and especially all the mistakes I made.  I have been helping and guiding  countless people and specifically starseeds figure out their next steps, come into their own, build their confidence, and help give them the encouragement and boost they need as well as share tools and help you figure out what type of healer or healing technique is right for you as many feel called to heal others.

There are three specific things that are the most important to building and growing in your gifts.

#1Grounding your own energy; Shielding, Cord Cutting, Space Clearing

#2Mastering you Intuition and learning to hear spirit and determine when  messages are coming from your head, heart, or intuition. Building this skill and confidence in yourself is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART

#3Seeing the world of energy and learning how to see signs and syncronicity and determining what messages are coming from your guides and angels our your head.

#4Understanding how to maintain your flow and avoid energy drains and energy traps ( manipulation)

#5Understanding Energetic Co-Dependence & Power Struggles

There are a few basic things you should master before you fill your head up with tons of information and seek out your starseed markings. Build a good solid foundation first before you build a huge ego. It took me 13 years and two initiations and I am so glad I wasn’t told my starseed markings years ago it would have made me lazy and I might have thought I knew it all because I already knew a few things. Knowing a little about something can be a dangerous thing. My techniques will help you put your money where your mouth is and apply what you know.

I have been mentoring many starseeds this last year and know that many could use some support.

Many write me about;

-Wanting to know where to begin
-What to do
-Need help building confidence -Tips, Tools, and Book Recommendations.
-Need help manifesting $$

My approach is all about putting you in the drivers seat and not becoming dependent on me. I am a leader that wants to see you become a leader. It’s all about connecting you deeply to yourself and your own wisdom and helping you gain mastery over yourself and your environment.


Cost: I charge $65 for an initial meeting , energy  healing, and guidance and it must be paid in advance prior to a session. Keep in mind the sessions are 1-2 hours and I will check in with you a couple times to see how you are doing and help you make any tweaks or answer any questions.  I charge $25 dollars for a 30 minute follow up care and distant energy healing if you have questions or any tweaks that need to be made. You can alwayss email me and ask questions.

What you get: After the session I email you get a detailed 3-4 page PDF file at the end with a list of follow up care exercises and homework.   This will really help you later on reflect back on all the progress you have made and help you to continue on your awakening to empowerment path.

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Please fill out this form or pay to book a session and I will get back to you usually less than 24 hours. Please send me as much information as possible about the circumstances or changes you are wanting to make or get help with and let me know 3 dates and times you are available. I am located in California PST so keep that in mind.