Story Shifting


Shift Out Of Your Story and Let’s Re-Write a New One.

Working with Me; I can help shift you out of your “story” loosen the patterns that are keeping you stuck and shift you into your power. I have a holistic approach to healing and readings that involves many different modalities. The work I do is  different for everyone, and is  based off their own individual nuanced needs. Part of the work I am doing is unique and some of it is coming straight from spirit. The work was  born out of a 16 year long journey I took where I  learned many different modalities and learned how to apply them to myself. 

I have a holistic multi-dimensional approach that looks at addressing the energy surrounded your situation on multiple levels. The work is different based upon what I read in your aura about blockages and energy healing that you receive. Healing the chakra isn’t enough, changing your thoughts isn’t enough, posting affirmations isn’t enough, having crystals  and meditating is also not enough. You need to change and heal the Energy, Beliefs, Patterns, Imprints,Thoughts, and Behavior for deep lasting change,   you may also to let things go so that you can begin to create  consciously.  Many healing modalities only addresses the symptoms, my work address the  root of the situation so that I can help you create tangible shifts that you can measure. This isn’t going to be vague information that you won’t know how to apply.

Here is how I work ; We will Skype, have a phone session, or schedule a session in person. I can also do readings by email but will need to get permission to read your aura and connect with you remotely. Please write me and make sure you let me know that is what you are wanting me to do if that is your preference. I will do a reading within 24 hours of receiving a payment and email you that day.


Story Shifting Session

1.5 Hour Story Shifting Session; This is a powerful healing session that will help shift you out of the places you are stuck and cut cords to patterns, imprints, subconscious beliefs, and other energies that are keeping you stuck to stories that no longer serve you. This may include a guided meditation, soul retrieval, past life regression session, aura cleansing, or other type of healing tool and modality. It will always include homework and divinely guided messages for specific actions to take. Actions that will help you step into your power and make significant shifts into the areas of your life you are blocked. ****You must book a comprehensive Root Work Reading first, this will help us isolate identify all the energies and places where the cords have become twisted and stagnant. Identifying these energies; helps us understand why you have felt powerless and stuck. It will also help you understand how this has served your highest purpose so far. Looking at the problem deeply in this way is necessary before we can go call back your power. Once you call back your power you will be able to more easily shift and implement changes on numerous levels ( Mind, Body, Soul, Physical) so that you can integrate these changes more deeply and see physical and tangible results!



PDF Summary of Your Session

This is a 4-7 page pdf with graphics and images and a summary of our session. It will also include detailed instructions and guidance and other pertinent information that applies to our session and the goals and intentions that we have isolated. I like to set goals and intentions and isolate specific issues you are wanting to work on and keep written and visual records. I keep files on every client I work with so that we can track your progress and pick up from where you left off in future sessions. Giving vague and ambiguous advice that you can’t integrate into your life, is not my style. My work gets results you can measure!


Please fill out this form to book a session or send a payment and I will write you right away and get back to you usually less than 24 hours. Please send me as much information as possible about the circumstances or changes you are wanting to make or get help with and let me know 3 dates and times you are available. I am located in California PST so keep that in mind.


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