NINJA SECRET #1; Psychic Defense & Conflict Resolution Skills

Empaths, Light-Workers, and all people are greatly  affected by energy. The most sensitive among us  can get very drained and manipulated into reacting or involved with petty senseless drama, so I thought I would teach some of my ninja secrets that have helped me avoid silly petty stuff and not get energetically manipulated.  This skill … More NINJA SECRET #1; Psychic Defense & Conflict Resolution Skills

Are you a Starseed?

You may be a Starseed; light-worker, psychic, empath, sensitive,intuitive,medium, Shaman and just not know it or most likely too humble to not believe it…….. Many people are having spiritual awakenings,spontaneous kundalini awakenings and major life changes, being re-routed losing everything and have no idea what is going on. The problem is not everyone knows they … More Are you a Starseed?