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Burn E Ruiz 7/2017

I have to post a little more information on my experience with Alexis as I have known her since 2008! We definitely bonded on a different level and still do. Her welcoming other people to contact her is definitely another step that I’m seeing her take and I have to add my experience and encourage others to take a step to reach out. After all, I met her at school and I have watched her grow and continue to be amazed by what she does.

I had no idea how amazingly gifted she was until recently. And since she has opened up about her abilities she has not only become an amazing mentor, friend, healer, lightworker, role model… ok the list goes on. But she has turned into someone I would say is part of my family. Her experience, advice and work has done wonders for me. She is continuously evolving and helping me every time we connect. She is not only extremely “down to earth,” easy to talk to and relatable; but she has a way in coaching me through this a difficult time in my life. She has been the only person that I have felt to understand me, remain open and most of all guide me through things. And in a way she has helped save my life. � She has helped me mentally and most of all spiritually. The best part is she teaches me to do things for myself and to be more confident in my intuition and even if I don’t understand things at first she has the most patience and still continues to support me. Her prayers, healing and readings have always resonated and her energy is so strong that even her text lifts my spirit.

Sometimes I’m in denial about what she tells me, then something happens and I think “Damn! She knew it!” And it makes me take action and listen to her coaching. I recommend anyone to her because this work is part of her life’s purpose but she is ridiculously powerful. I have to say healing flows through her veins and everyone anyone who sees this post should definitely reach out. I can sense how her trip to Mt. Shasta has lifted her to a whole new level. I immediately felt the shift in her energy as soon as we started messaging each other. She has even connected to my grandma (who passed a few years ago) and has been able to give me the most beautiful messages. She recently had an amazing session with me regarding my love life. The experience has helped me work past issues that I struggled with for years. She also gave me the first munay-ki rite which even my brother contacted me after with info. that I knew had to be because of it. I feel that my words can’t even explain how grateful I am to have the experiences with Alexis and her work. With all that said, I hope you reach out and have the most amazing experience ever!!

That is all .. love you girl!! ���

  • 7/20/17 –Anne Killick The reading I received from you in June has changed my whole outlook on life and with the tools you gave me l have been able to work on the fear that has held me back (and under the covers).
    I feel great excitement. I am standing on my path.
    I truly thank you.
  • 8/25/2016-Long testimonial below
    Testimonial from Erika who was struggling with suicidal thoughts, addiction, and feeling dis-empowered in her relationship. “I want to start out with a little bit about myself: I few years ago I had a major health scare when I was pregnant; I was starting to feel horrible pains on my sides. So I decided to go to the hospital. We we’re directed to the pregnancy ward, I sat there with the pain for about a week and still not one doctor knew why I was having such severe pains. On the 7th night I felt my appendix rupture, at this point I can’t take the pain. A visiting doctor suggested for him to run a MRI on me because those don’t affect the pregnancy. After the MRI they realized that my appendix was ruptured. So they rushed me into emergency surgery, after this because I was pregnant they had to leave the wound open. They had me wear a wound vac to get it healed;they had me stay in the hospital for about a month. I still had the wound vac on a week before the birth of my daughter. This all happened on my 5th month of pregnancy. The tech that preformed the epidural was just starting out (training) she kept pulling it in and out; there was another doctor over seeing her explaining to her how to put it in.I have 4 kids total and 4 c-sections; this epidural was by far the most painful. I came home and I began to have severe back pains, here is the moment when my doctors directed me to pain management, they began to give me different types of pain meds. Pain meds that we’re not helping, I started to see my regular family doctor. This is the point when my life changed forever. I explained to my doctor that I was in severe pain and that pain management wasn’t helping. He was the only person that actually believed the pain was real, everybody before this said I needed to be seen by a psychologist. This is the moment when he said ok I will prescribe oxycodone, a very strong dosage 4 times a day. Moving forward a year, I started to feel very anxious and severely depressed by the meds. There was a time I was always very angry, I started to get excited for the next pill, I started to think the meds were not only helping me with the pain but the high is making me happy. People in my life started to point out how severely I began to change. I started to feel very suicidal all the time, day dreaming on taking my life. One day I woke up and said I’m done after work I’m done.The day I really thought I was going to take my life I met Alexis Serrano that was on July 6, 2016  I found her on a Facegroup Group (Channeling Erik) randomly and I noticed she posted things that I was relating to, she was defending a women who was suicidal. I felt drawn to her for some reason. I wrote her privately and told her how depressed I was and how sometimes I can’t push the thoughts aside. She talked with me and messaged me back and she started giving me hope. She was very easy to talk to and down to earth. I related to her,  I didn’t realize she was a healer!

    I was honest with her I  began to tell her how I really felt.  I was in severe pain, suicidal, and  addicted. I took my lunch and called her and began to tell her that I was literally going crazy; I didn’t know what to do. I told her about my addiction, about my problems about the depression. This is when she said was a healer and wanted to do a session with me. She didn’t even hesitate she just dropped everything and  made time for me she didn’t even charge me.   I really don’t know exactly what she does but we talked and she began healing me. She did a healing and then gave me several tools to use to get me through this time.  She told me to call on Jesus and La Virgen Mary. We began to have several sessions together; I began to instantly feel good. My suicidal thoughts began to subside. She guided me out of taking my life, my life began to improve instantly. I was amazed by how much I started to feel better, she even guided me to another shaman that did a different type of work for me who was also very helpful! He helped detox my body and did an energetic chelation session for me.

    That night I dreamt of Alexis, she was healing me and the next day I felt the lift. I didn’t have any more symptoms; I didn’t have the cravings for the meds. I felt liberated, she performed the miracle she spoke about. I was seen by my family medicine doctor and even he said I should still be withdrawing. He said I should be still craving the meds, but yet I didn’t crave them I didn’t seek them out. I was happy again, I wasn’t angry anymore. My life is no longer rotating around the pill. I am still amazed that I only felt the withdrawals for one week. A month and a half  later 8/ 22/2016 Alexis is  still guiding and helping me to continue to make major changes and look at the roots of things that were causing my depression. She started coaching me and giving me a lot of information to help me feel more empowered in my relationship and to take control.  She bought me a couple of books and suggested many crystals. I have been clean for over a month and am taking more steps to improving my life my health for  myself and my family. I am feeling more empowered and hopeful and feel like I see many doors opening now for me that I would not have seen before.  I highly recommend Alexis for healing and for transformational coaching and work.”Thank you for your time,Erika


  • 3/4/2016-Aura Reading and Higher Self Channeling and Reading-I have never had better confirmation of my path from my true higher self then hearing the words from Alexis. Her reading was so personal, accurate, and spoke to my soul far more than I possibly expected. I felt stuck in a lot of areas and she confirmed exactly what I needed to know. Words can’t thank Alexis enough for this pivotal road in my life. I honestly will not be the same after hearing the words she was guided to tell me. Thank you thank from the bottom of my heart!!!-Kelsi Bates
  •  3/2/16-I am happy  with my reading and the information that came with it about clearing energy and imagining things will get better. There was a lot of insightful information. My reading was about asking for help and feeling very lost and stuck.  I have stopped asking some people for so much help. Some people I have repeatedly asked for help and they haven’t helped me. One of my friends told me I’m not taking responsibility for my life. Anyway, it was nice to be encouraged to ask the Angels for help and to reach out to other people for help like you.-Nishan Singh
  • Present and Future Reading; Alexis drew 3 cards for me and all of them resonated very deeply with my journey. She was able to identify several of my current struggles and offer advice as well. She is very caring and that is comforting when opening up to a stranger. I would highly recommend working with her.-Kristina Avallone

  • 2/8/16-Posting this to give a shout out to an awesome lady Alexis Elizabeth Serrano. I had an energy healing with her last Friday and all I can say is that I was blown away by her ability to see exactly what was blocking my progress forward, in addition to her compassionate disposition, which made me feel completely at ease sharing personal info. that I keep very close to the vest. If any ladies here are struggling with issues and/or blockages that relate to self worth, self love (especially), or just anything in general I would definitely recommend having a session with Alexis. She is the real deal and words just can not express my gratitude that I have someone like her in my corner. Check her out, you won’t be disappointed. –Chrissy Noel
  • 2/2/2016-Soul Coaching and Energy Healing Testimonial from Doug Landers
  • Questions How was your experience with our session? Overall throughout the session, I felt very at ease with Alexis. I sensed that she was there for me and honored and valued my time and energy for being there. As the session started Alexis first told me what she sensed we’d be addressing (the 3rd chakra) and she was spot on in her assessment. We were also able to discuss the importance of grounding, twin flame relationships, and detoxing. Did you feel that the session and healing helped you in any way? Do you feel comforted and like you have more guidance on what next steps to take on your path? Absolutely. For much of what we talked about throughout the session, I partly just needed to have someone of understanding to talk to about certain issues with, as a form of release and expression. There were also specific action steps that I was given in order to address the root of my issues, such as a guided meditation, detoxing baths, and crystals and stones to have around. How did it help you? First, it was very reaffirming and calming to have someone who knew what I was going through and could sympathize with my thoughts and feelings without judgement. As well as this, the homework assignments have done a lot to help me stay grounded, centered and connected over the past 2 months. I have been much more conscious of who I spend my time and energy on and have especially been practicing with cutting my energetic ties and simply connecting with source and myself when necessary. Has your condition or situation improved or have you any shifts or clarity on your situation? New thoughts, emotions, healing, synchronicity or any other changes? Inspiration, etc? Some new teachers (Matt Khan in particular) and good friends have come into my life recently. My roommate Cris also bought me a book for ChristmaHanaKwanzaaka about the Enneagram (which I think we discussed briefly during our session), which has brought a lot of clarity to my own emotions, reactions and tendencies, as well as those of the people around me. Have you tried any of the suggested exercises or purchased any of the suggested crystals, space clearing grounding exercises or books? This is very important and was part of your healing. Yes, I now own all the crystals that were recommended (labradorite, selenite, pyrite, citrine, apophylite, black tourmaline. [Labradorite is my favorite]). I have also been focusing much more time and energy on my emotional health through more frequent (almost daily =)) yoga and meditation practice. Do you understand why those things are important and how it can help? As far as being grounded, having a daily practice, and cutting emotional ties, it all makes sense to me. When it comes to crystals and their different properties and how they can be used more, I definitely would like to learn more deeply about that. Any other feedback on my sessions or me? Bearing in mind that this is my first experience with a healing session, I wouldn’t have any improvements to recommend. I felt that there was a good balance for myself between strategies and assignments for me, discussing what matters, and simply connecting. Would you recommend my services ? I would highly recommend a session with Alexis to anyone I knew. She’s a very knowledgeable, personal, and powerful lady who I’m proud to know.
  • 12/27/2015 –Soul Coaching and Energy Healing Testimonial– Cynthia Veloz

    How was your experience with our session? The session with Alexis Elizabeth Serrano was very, very helpful and she provided the session for me as I was going through a trigger at that precise moment within the personal situation that arose in that instant. She was very supportive,gifted, and knowledgeable to provide useful and insightful information into the dilemma in which I could not access at that moment. Did you feel that the session and healing helped you in any way ? Do you feel comforted and like you have more guidance on what next steps to take on your path? Yes, I, 100% do feel guided by her in the steps it is still taking me to continue on healing into the personal situation at hand and it is still being processed at this time. The healing steps to continue are very useful and simple to do. How did it help you? It helps me to follow the steps and soothes me in the process from the triggering feelings of the personal dilemma I am facing at this time. Has your condition of situation or improved or have you any shifts or clarity on your situation? New thoughts, emotions, healing, synchronicity or any other changes? Inspiration, etc? I am receiving more clarity and I have the tools to apply for myself which Alexis Elizabeth Serrano provided. I am being inspired to actively choose and cultivate forgiveness and compassion in my life and in my relationships. Have you tried any of the suggested exercises or purchased any of the suggested crystals, space clearing grounding exercises or books? This is very important and was part of your healing. I have looked up the books that were provided on Amazon and they are exceptional books well worth the read, I have also bought several crystals to aid in my healing and I am clearing space inside and out so that new positive change and flow may be allowed in non-attachment. Do you understand why those things are important and how it can help? Yes, I do. Any other feedback on my sessions or me? Alexis Elizabeth Serrano was very supportive and she is gifted into any situation that you may have! She is a beautiful woman who is very compassionate in which she has insightful information to offer into all types of situations beneficial for the healing process and balance that is sometimes required in life. Would you recommend my services ? Energy healing and this work is powerful and creates big shifts and can totally transform you but it works best when you get several sessions and when you do the homework and exercises. Please let me know if you have any other shifts later on down the line !! And if you want to book anymore sessions. I will be charging reasonable rates and am willing to work with people that want to make big changes. Thank you so much for giving me the honor and privilege of working with you. I am sending you love and well wishes. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.
  • 1/11My session w/ Alexis Elizabeth Serrano was focused; I felt lost after going through somethings in my life, during my session Alexis made me feel it was safe to open myself up and be honest about how I was feeling. After our session I felt empowered! She gave me the understanding and the tools I needed to start healing, accepting and to learn the lesson from my journey. I feel ready to move forward w/the guidance she has given me. I have experienced shifts in my ability to stay focused and concentrate on the matters @ hand. Healing is coming to me by way of allowing myself to feel what I need to feel I cry, laugh and write out my emotions as part of my healing journey. Alexis advised me on many things during our session such as a prayer area gave me a list of stones that would be helpful to me on the journey instructions on how to use them and I had the stones already but wasn’t sure how to use them. I placed the stones as instructed and I felt myself as well as the tone of my home change. As I follow through with the personalized plan Alexis created from our session I understand why the use of suggested exercises crystals, clear clutter, grounding, document and read books are important to my healing process. I felt empowered after my session and would highly recommend Alexis Elizabeth Serrano. Continue to be a blessing and to be blessed- Browniis N Moore
  • 1/1/2016 Alexis has truly helped me to open up layers of myself that were buried under years worth’s of emotional distress and energy dumping in my Auric field by others. She has been a Role Model, Close Friend, and Mentor through the entire process from me wondering,”what the hell am I doing/ going to do” to ” I know exactly where this is coming from and the root cause of the issue” Grounding was another thing she taught me which was the reason why I was super pint up with emotions before hand. Her whole style of teaching is super integrated with your life and sometimes to the point where you don’t even realize it.. But it is very powerful and so if one wants to stay ignorant , they need wait and work through any blocks because this is valuable information that is not to be taken anything less than completely serious. Alexis is an amazing soul and she is on her Soul Mission path in life which is a much honored position. If your ready for your life to change in magical and amazing ways I highly recommend Working with Alexis as a Life coach-Kayla Ekelaka Jones
  • “Alexis Serrano is one bloody amazing woman!! She ceaselessly and compassionately strives to work on her spiritual self in order to help others get through the most challenging and torturous crisis in their lives and help them realize the “blessing in the lesson”. I should know, I am one of them. Through her vast spiritual experience, driven by her personal story, her support and advice has got me through a difficult moment in my life to enable me to fine tune my own life purpose. She has helped me to realize the pain was not in vain but a massive growth period. Alexis is 100% genuine, and genuinely cares! I HIGHLY recommend Alexis’s spiritual counseling, guidance and blog, she is an expert in navigating the “Twin flame” stages. Her unconditional love and support has empowered me to realize my potential and worth and in turn, she has driven me to help others do the same. She is truly inspirational!”-Remi Fadare‎, May 22, 2015 ·
  • “Wow, thank you Alexis smile emoticon that’s spot on & true!”-Seamus Slater, May 19, 2015
  • ” Well where to start ! 9 is a number of completion, 7 is a special holy number, Gabriel is an archangel sending messages, Raphael the archangel of healing! It represents how I am able to manifest free money if need be (a channeler of mine told me a car was already in the works. This syncs up with that!) I’m sensual In that I’m grounding myself in physical energy as opposed to spiritual, really getting into opening up to the fullness of human experience. Definitely surpassed my expectation thanks so much!!! I do love others it’s why I’m here thanks for such a thoughtful, synchronous post!!! You do good work my dear lol. Can’t wait to see how it works out smile emoticon I was very fearful but this put me in a state of receptivity.”-Joe Garcia, May 19, 2015
  • “The answer to that question is fairly complicated but it’s definitely new love, but a new love that is older than me. A recognition of sorts. You are very accurate and I love how you communicate your readings! You will help many, many people and all the while, you’ll be helping yourself by living your passion. That is my reading for you!- Jenessa Pamela