The Calling

I feel guided and called to help work with women, especially women struggling to transcend the victim, find their voice, and tap into their power.    I healed myself  and want to pay what I learned forward,  I was inspired to create a body of work that I did not see out there. There are many healers, psychics, and mediums out there but we all have different flavors and styles.  I want to use my gifts for this specific focus because it’s what I struggled with the most and what I feel most knowledgeable about.

My gift is helping getting you unstuck and helping you shift out of how you see yourself.    I want to help you shift out of your  “story” and teach you about victim patterns, how to heal yourself, and help lead you down a path to developing a healthier relationship with yourself and the world around you.   I want to see you step into your power, find your voice and  transcend this pattern and belief system that can  be severely crippling and dangerous. If you continue to see yourself as a victim you will continue to get tested and potentially keep attracting more situations to help you overcome this.

I was a chronic victim that had to raise myself and figure it all out with very little guidance, or anyone mentoring or helping me. I  have spent the last 15 years going to school healing training and working on myself and overcoming my own “story” and rewriting a new one.


Topics Covered and Discussed in my work and blog are;

Inner Child Healing

-Childhood Abandonment/Orphan

-Learning to Parent Yourself

-Loss of Family/Dysfunctional Toxic Families

-Child Sexual Abuse, PTSD, and Trauma

-Soul Loss and Reintegration

Relationship to Self

-Self Care (Meditation, Exercise, Good Nutrition)

-Authenticity (Being your true self)

-Overcoming Crippling Shyness

-Overcoming Fear and Shame

-Low Self Esteem/ Confidence Building

-Learning to Love and Like Yourself


-Learning to Trust yourself

-Finding your Voice

-Anger Management

-Eating Disorders, Perfectionism, Addictions

-Self Destructive/ Avoidance / Procrastination Patterns

-Identity Issues

-Understanding the importance of your Intuition/ Instinct

-Suicidal Tendencies

-Depression  & Mental Health Issues

Relationship to Others

-Bullying, Manipulation, Energy Vampires


-Ending toxic relationships and ending patterns.

-Recognizing Safe and Toxic People


-Polarity Imbalances

Relationship to the World

-Connection to your Higher Self & Guides

-Transcending your Story

-Finding your Life Purpose

-Life Transitions / Coming of Age/ Deaths


If you feel guided to work with me please click here.


11058328_10153057278762499_2330413681481466987_n Just a little about me; a few years ago I went through an intense spiritual transformation and awakening for the second time in my life. It has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined ! I fell apart had a breakdown and a breakthrough and admitted to myself and the world that I really wasn’t being myself and that I needed to heal and be real! I came out as an empath,clairvoyant, intuitive and shamanic healer I had always had these gifts but was too terrified to ever talk about them until the time came that my life depended on me embracing them. I started sharing my story and connecting to other like minded souls and women that were also healing and re-inventing their lives.I also started training in many different types of energy healing blogging, and devoting most of my time to activism.  In my time of darkness I found my way out by counseling others on their spiritual journey helping them through their dark times and I found that service gave me great joy and was a way out of my pain. That journey continues to evolve.